All things noble are as difficult as they are rare. - Plato
Zimaths is a production of the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Maths Department.

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About Zimaths

Zimaths is a production of the UZ Maths Department.
The Editor is Dr Gavin Hitchcock, with the assistance of Mrs Erica Keogh, Dr David Mtetwa, Mr Lazarus Mudehwe, Mr Gerald Marewo, Prof Mikhail Petrov, and Prof Alistair Stewart.
Subscriptions are Z$400 per annum for the year 2002, and can be paid in the form of cash, postal orders or cheques made out to
"Zimaths, UZ Maths Department" and sent to
The Editor - Zimaths, UZ Maths Dept, P.O.Box MP167, Mt Pleasant, Harare.
All correspondence to be directed to the same address.

University of Zimbabwe Maths Department
P.O.Box MP167 Mount Pleasant Harare Zimbabwe