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Graduate school of Management Application Forms

The forms below are for use by prospective students who wish to apply to the Graduate School of Management.

Please download the forms and print them. Read through and complete them, and then post them to us at the address given below.

PLEASE NOTE: You should not submit the form electronically. You are required to print it out and post it to the University with any other supporting documents.

MBA Programme Application Form (in Word for Windows)
MBA Programme Application Form (in PDF Format)

MBA Programme Referee's Repoort (in Word for Windows)
MBA Programme Referee's Report (in PDF Format)

Diploma in Management for Executives Application Form (in Word for Windows)
Diploma in Management for Executives Application Form (in PDF Format)

Send completed forms to:

The Graduate School of Management
University of Zimbabwe
6 Langham
P O Box MP167
Mt Pleasant

Applicants must submit a complete set of application material as listed in the forms, and these must be received by the Graduate School of Management, along with an application fee of $2 000.00 (revalued), by 2 October 2006.

New applications after that date will incur a late penalty application fee of $5 000.00 (revalued). The deadline for the receipt of completed late applications will be 16 October 2006. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered and will result in the applicant being disqualified.

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